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Vie de Chateau

Vie de Château (2015)

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Vie de Château is led by its multiple heroes— maids, concierges, retired employees...

The documentary is a journey through time and space, it lets us roam between the present and the past, from the kitchens to the sumptuous lounges, from present day weddings to Winston Churchill’s arrival for the Quebec Conference in 1944.

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The film also ventures into the various departments that keep the Château churning at all hours.


Written by Catherine Lemercier
Directed by Catherine Lemercier
Co-produced by Frederic Bohbot (Bunbury Films) and Tamás Wormser (Artesian Films)
Cinematography by Bill Stone
Edited by Vincent Guignard
Music by Julie Theriault
Produced in association with Radio-Canada


Genre: Documentary
Category: Biography, Society, History
Production year: 2015
Language: French
Duration: 52 minutes
Format: HD (High-definition)

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