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Kosher Love

Kosher Love (2017)



Nominated for 2018 Canadian Screen Award for Best Documentary Program

What happens when a rabbinical matchmaker, a newly married Hasidic couple and a single, religious hip-hop artist explore the precise meaning of True Love?

Using levity, animation and downright silliness, Kosher Love looks at the search for true love and bible-instructed marriage in the Orthodox/Hasidic Jewish world as it pushes back against an ever encroaching, wired, secular world and its idea of momentary disposable love.

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Walking a tightrope of expectation and deception Kosher Love documents the hopes and revelations of several religious Jews’ search for love while simultaneously hoping to demonstrate we’re all the same in our pursuit of intimacy, support and relationships and that ultimately, our humanity binds all of us in this most universal of discoveries.


Written by Evan Beloff
Directed by Evan Beloff
Produced by Frederic Bohbot
Cinematography by Bill Stone
Edited by Ashley Gilmour
Original music by Israel Jason Rosenblatt
Distributed by Bunbury Films

Commissioned by the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation


Genre: Documentary
Category: Biographical, Society, Religion
Production year: 2017
Language: English
Duration: 44 minutes
Delivery Format: Electronic File, DCP

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The full documentary is now available to watch online on CBC First Hand.