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Once a Nazi...

Once a Nazi... (2006)

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2006 Best Film or Video on a Jewish Theme, J.I. Segal Award

2006 Official Selection, Rencontres Internationales du Documentaire de Montréal

Structured as a who done it documentary thriller; Once a Nazi is Adalbert Lallier's tragic story, a man haunted by his connection to the most infamous group of mass murderers of the twentieth century - the notorious Waffen SS.

Today Lallier wrestles with the demons in his soul; a passive participant still trying to solicit forgiveness from a society that is both repelled and fascinated by his alleged complicity.

Due to his having witnessed the murder of seven concentration camp prisoners; the film juxtaposes an ex-soldier's crisis of conscience with his dramatic testimony in a war crimes tribunal fifty-five years later. How do we judge him? How does he judge himself? His current dilemma speaks to the very heart of human forgiveness; a timeless tale of morality using the utter despondency of World War II as a starting point.


Written and directed by Frederic Bohbot and Evan Beloff
Produced by Frederic Bohbot and Evan Beloff
Edited by Heather Westelman
Distributed by Bunbury Films

Produced in association with Canal D


Genre: Documentary
Category: History, Crime & Law
Production year: 2006
Language: English
Language dubbed: French
Duration: 46 Minutes
Delivery format: HD (High-definition)
French title: Nazi Un Jour...
TV broadcast: Available immediately

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