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You Are What You Act

You Are What You Act (2018)



2018 Winner of the Best Documentary, Illuminate Film Festival (world premiere)


February 17, 2019 - Ottawa, Ontario 3pm & 6pm at Mayfair Theatre With French Sub-titles (Albert Nerenberg will be present) January 27, 2019 - Montreal, Quebec 5pm & 7pm at Cinema du Parc With French Sub-titles (Albert Nerenberg will be present)

January 6, 2019 - Broadcast Premiere 9pm on Documentary Channel

November 30, 2018 - Kingston, Ontario
The Screening Room
November 29, 2018 - Toronto, Ontario
The Hot Docs Cinema
November 21, 2018 - Collingwood, Ontario
Be The Change

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Can you really fake it until you make it?

YAWYA proposes a potential revolutionary new health trend by asking what influences us more, our minds or our bodies. What has a greater effect, thinking positive or acting positive? Will smiling make you happier? Will changing your posture make you more confident? Will acting in love save your relationship?

Albert Nerenberg Power Posing

Albert Nerenberg Power Posing

YAWYA speaks to the worlds leading psychologists in embodied cognition including George Lakeoff, Paul Ekman, Philip Zimbardo & Amy Cuddy, while tossing in a curve ball to demonstrate that all of these “psychological” exercises are actually things learned in elementary theatre class. Is acting the next transformational modality?


Check out the YOU ARE WHAT YOU ACT WEB EXPERIENCE Try the 5 day Actorcize challenge. Do the exercises everyday for 5 days and let us know how you feel!


Director Albert Nerenberg
Producer Frederic Bohbot
Editor Joseph Bohbot
Cinematography Alex Chabot, Daniel Lynn, Kieran Crilly, Bill Stone
Composer Paul Baraka
Line Producer Valerie Shamash
Distributed by Cargo Films & Releasing
Produced in association with Documentary Channel, Canal D, Canadian Media Fund.


Genre: Documentary
Category: Health & Wellness, Psychology
Production year: 2018
Language: English
Duration: 78, 52, 45 minutes
Delivery Format: Electronic File, DCP

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Available on iTunes outside of Canada

Available on iTunes outside of Canada