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Underdog Rises

Underdog Rises (2015)

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Underdog Rises explores Dierry Jean’s struggle to become a champion— in the ring and in life.

With several important fights to come, Dierry never ceases to steer his life off the rails.

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The film focuses on Dierry’s complex and volatile relationship with trainer and surrogate father Mike Moffa and the emotional steps required for Dierry’s ultimate dreams.


Written and Directed by Evan Beloff
Produced by Frederic Bohbot
Executive producer: Tadzio Richards
Cinematography by Frederic Bohbot
Edited by Catherine Villeminot
Sound by Kyle Stanfield
Composed by Mikael Tobias
Mixed by Cory Rizos
Line producer: Valerie Shamash
Distributed by Bunbury Films
Produced In Association with Omni Television


Genre: Documentary
Category: Sports, Biographical, Society
Production year: 2015
Language: English/French/Spanish (subtitles in English)
Duration: 52 minutes
Delivery format: HD (High-definition)

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