About Bunbury Films

The Production Team

Headshot Valerie Shamash


Line Producer

Valerie Shamash joined the Bunbury Films production team as line producer at Bunbury Films in 2008 and has overseen Bunbury's documentary productions Bigfoot's Reflection, Leaving the Fold, Underdog Plaza, Land of Destiny and Burning Water. Valerie is also closely involved in other projects in development and production. Prior to Bunbury, Valerie spent 7 years with Productions Multi-Monde?s production team where she worked on a number of documentaries including: Rebel Music Quebec, Rebel Music Americas, Turbulent Waters, Cherry Fruitbread, Les Derniers Chasseurs du Petit Havre, Bledi This is Our Home, and Mirages of El Dorado . She also worked on three short fiction films directed by Laura Turek namely Cherry Fruitbread, My Friend Ana and is co-producer of the film Man of the Family. Valerie has a Master's Degree in anthropology and is particularly interested in relaying the importance of appreciating cross-cultural differences.

Headshot Valerie Bohbot


R&D, Marketing Coordinator & Web Design

Valerie Bohbot joined the Bunbury Films production team in 2005. Valerie's career reflects twenty years experience in - business development, marketing and strategic planning - primarily for start-up companies in the fashion, Web and eCommerce industries. Valerie is responsible for coordinating Bunbury Films' marketing and distribution strategies, as well as the design of the BF Web Site and management of it's content. In addition, she is involved in the research and development of new BF projects.