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Feb 09, 2017 - BT - Breakfast Television - Montreal

Director Evan Beloff & producer Frederic Bohbot talk ahead of the world premiere of 'Kosher Love,' a thought-provoking look at love and relationships in the Orthodox Jewish world.

Anchor: Joanne Vrakas

[ BT-Montreal ]

March 16, 2016 - BT - Breakfast Television - Montreal

Street photographer George Zimbel, turns subject of new doc “Zimbelism”

George Zimbel is a photographer that has taken iconic pictures of JFK, Marilyn Monroe and countless others, and now a new documentary on his life is premiering this Saturday. Here to tell us more is George Zimbel and his director son, Matt.

[ BT-Montreal ]

Feb 18 , 2011 - CJAD

CJAD - Radio Interview with: Dierry "Dougy-Style" Jean, Frederic Bohbot and Evan Beloff


Frederic, Evan and Dierry Jean talk about the filming of the documentary "Underdog Plaza" ...

[Montreal | CJAD 800]

Oct 6, 2010 - CTV News

Television news interview with Frederic Bohbot

Anchor: Tod van der Heyden

Frederic talks about the film "Burning Water," and the effects of shale gas exploration...


Oct 1, 2010 - Radio Canada International

Radio Interview with Frederic Bohbot

by The Link

The Rosebud River Valley is far from the idyllic place its name suggests. Farmers in that region of the prairie province of Alberta have seen cattle die and have become ill themselves after their water-wells were contaminated with chemicals believed to be the result of natural gas drilling. We talk to Frederic Bohbot, the producer of "Burning Water," a new documentary film on the subject...

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Sept 28, 2010 - Video Commentary


Amir Khadir, Member of Quebec's National Assembly introducing Burning Water from the Quebec perspective in relation to the Shale gas situation....

[watch the video]

2010 - "All in Weekend" show

CBC - Radio Interview with Frederic Bohbot


Frederic Bohbot talks about the making of the documentary film "ONCE A NAZI " ...

[Montreal | CBC-Radio]