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Feb 10 , 2017 - Montreal Gazette

Love Rabbi makes marriage work in Kosher Love, a documentary about Jewish matchmaking


Rabbi Bernath, a native of Chicago who moved here over a decade back, is quite the engaging character. He breaks down the Jewish community into three groups: the not-so-religious majority “who eat bagels and watch Seinfeld;” the more serious Orthodox; and the Hasidics “who have a retro fashion sense from the 1700s.”

Bernath didn’t actually choose the role of matchmaker, but he was pressed into service when approached by so many members in the community – from, according to Beloff, “those Reformers who love crispy bacon to the Orthodox who read psalms by candlelight.”

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Oct 06 , 2016 - Montreal Gazette

Festival du nouveau cinéma: Shadows of Paradise follows David Lynch on meditative journey


Montreal filmmaker Lange grew up in the TM movement, learning meditation from the age of four and attending the Maharishi’s school in Fairfield, Iowa, through the ’70s and ’80s, before leaving it all behind at 18.

His debut feature documentary, Shadows of Paradise, looks back on that past, and to the future of the movement through the eyes of its unlikely new leader, Lynch, and David Lynch Foundation executive director Bobby Roth. The film has its world première Tuesday, Oct. 11 and screens again Sunday, Oct. 16 as part of the Festival du nouveau cinéma.

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April 17, 2016 - Mashu Mashu

“Zimbelism” – A Documentary on Remarkable Tales from the Dark Room of Photographer, George S. Zimbel


Don’t let his grandfatherly demeanor under a lustrous thick head of white hair fool you. At age 86 and one of the last bastions of North American street photographers known as “humanists”, George S. Zimbel is one tough cookie. A champion of the Everyman (and woman,) his lens has captured burlesque queens, truckers and presidents, movie stars and kids just playing in the street, with the same unpretentious reverence that once elevated every day mediocrity to an art form.

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Mar 03 , 2014 - CBC News Montreal

Montrealer-made 'Lady in Number 6' wins short doc Oscar


Montreal-based director Malcolm Clarke won an Oscar on Sunday night for his short documentary The Lady in Number 6: Music Saved My Life. - The 38-minute film tells the story of Alice Herz-Sommer, whose devotion to music and her son helped her survive two years in a Nazi prison camp. She was believed to be the oldest Holocaust survivor before her death last week at age 110...

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Nov 11 , 2011 - Le

Un mur aux RIDM


Quand un film est-il achevé? Dans la grande majorité des cas, lorsque son intrigue est résolue. Ou que la boucle de l'histoire qu'il raconte est bouclée. Il arrive cependant que certaines intrigues s'enfoncent dans l'impasse. Mais l'impasse d'une histoire peut être en soi un dénouement. Je pense à Zodiac, de David Fincher, sur la traque inaboutie d'un tueur en série à San Francisco, ou encore à La belle noiseuse, de Jacques Rivette, dans lequel la toile du peintre (Michel Piccoli), demeurée inachevée, échappait à son modèle (Emmanuelle Béart) tout autant qu'aux spectateurs...

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April 2011 - Profile / Point of View Magazine

Bunbury Films producer Frederic Bohbot on the documentaries that inspire him and the government policies that don't


As Frederic Bohbot tells it, his beginnings in documentary filmmaking were awfully strange. It was 1997, and Bohbot, then doing a communication studies degree at Concordia University, was enrolled in an international relations class taught by Adalbert Lallier. Bohbot didn’t know it at the time, but Lallier had served in the Waffen-SS , the elite Nazi police force, during WWII . Lallier chose to confess his wartime activity during one of the classes, and asked the students to vote on whether or not he should continue to teach them, given their knowledge of his troubled past. Bohbot was haunted by Lallier’s past actions and, finding himself in the midst of a controversial scandal, decided to turn the story into a doc - Bohbot’s production house, Bunbury Films, has morphed into one of the busiest documentary think tanks in Quebec...

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April 2011 - Profile / LVS - JMAG

Bunbury Films : Informer pour réagir, et Provoquer pour faire agir


La réalisation de documentaires nécessite de toujours saisir le vif du sujet et d'anticiper l'action des protagonistes ainsi que leurs émotions spontanées ...

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Feb 17 , 2011 - The Gazette

The documentary filmmakers at Bunbury pick their fights and win


Their names might not yet resonate like a Scorsese or Spielberg, but Frederic Bohbot and Evan Beloff appear to be on their way to becoming moguls in Quebec -documentary division. Their production company, Bunbury Films, has an impressive three films at the Rendez-vous du cinema quebecois: Burning Water (tonight), Land of Destiny (tomorrow) and Underdog Plaza (Saturday).

Whereas Burning Water and Land of Destiny have already made their debuts, Saturday will mark the world premiere of Underdog Plaza, a revealing look at the turbulent life and career of up-and-coming boxer Dierry (Dougy-Style) Jean.

Produced by Bohbot and written and directed by Beloff, Underdog Plaza seems to be quite the departure for this tandem. Then again, all their company docs tend to be departures from one another: The Legend of Memphre, about a mythical monster moored in Lake Memphremagog; Once a Nazi, about a former Concordia professor coming clean about his Nazi past; and Leaving the Fold, directed by Eric Scott, about two brothers bolting from Montreal's tight-knit Hasidic community. ...

16 Fév, 2011 - etalk (CTV)


Evan Beloff is interviews about his latest documentary film UNDERDOG PLAZA...

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Jan 06, 2011 - Montreal Mirror

Packing a punch -
Filmmaker Evan Beloff on entering the world of the Montreal boxing scene for his doc Underdog Plaza


As a boxing fan, filmmaker Evan Beloff says he learned that Montreal was becoming a boxing capital of sorts. “A number of boxers who were doing well had come out of the city,” he recalls noticing. At first, Beloff thought he might explore the entire boxing milieu in a documentary film. But then he was struck by how fascinating one boxer’s story was, after learning of Dierry Jean...

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July 05, 2011 - The Observer

Valley workers are loyal - Documentary reveals local employees protective of industry


When Brett Story came to Sarnia for the first time, she was surprised by the work ethic and strong company loyalty of tradespeople employed in Chemical Valley.

"I've seen the films where they denounce the petrochemical industry and repeat the stories of its victims, but I don't find that terribly interesting," says the 32-year-old filmmaker. "I wanted to do something different."

She was drawn to Sarnia by a Globe and Mail article that highlighted the ravages of mesothelioma in the community. Though the article was compelling, Story felt there must be more to it.

So in 2006, while living in Montreal, she jumped on a train to Sarnia to see if she could peel back the layers.

"What surprised me was that people are going to funerals every weekend but they don't seem angry. They didn't express a desire to face off with these industries," she said....

13 Oct, 2010 - EYEWEEKLY.COM

Real, reel green


The issues raised in Land of Destiny (***; Oct. 16, 7:15pm, ROM) could be filed as a human rights concern as well: it’s a look at Sarnia, where fallout from the petrochemical industry results in a depressed community and lots of cancer. It’s a polar-opposite image from Sarnia’s previous documentary appearance — a cameo in Bowling for Columbine as Detroit’s safe sister-city — wherein director Brett Story presents a number of interview vignettes about victims of particularly prolific asbestos-borne cancer. Subtle editing, archival footage and atmospheric shots of industrial architecture create a compelling picture of a struggling city.

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Oct 3, 2010 -

Burning Water – Gaz de schiste à l’albertaine


Si le dossier des gaz de schiste est relativement nouveau au Québec – avec les tensions et les développements qu’on lui connaît -, il en est tout autrement en Alberta, où les entreprises sont déjà à l’oeuvre pour extraire la précieuse ressource du sol qui l’abrite. C’est cette réalité pas toujours rose qu’explorent Cameron Esler et Tadzio Richards dans le documentaire Burning Water, à travers le témoignage d’un couple habitant près de la ville de Rosebud, en Alberta...

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April 7, 2009 - The Jewish Daily Forward

Folding, Twisting or Burning Bridges


In “Leaving the Fold,” Scott’s non intrusive approach to filmmaking allows his subjects to emphasize their differences ...

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Sept 14, 2006 - HOUR

Once a Nazi...


Concordia professor makes amends for his time as an SS soldier in new doc by Montreal duo...

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