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Underdog Plaza

Un film par Evan Beloff

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Evan Beloff


Scénariste / Réalisateur / Producteur

Evan Beloff a scénarisé, réalisé et produit plusieurs films, dont Too Colourful for the League (CBC, 1999), Schmelvis, Searching for the King’s Jewish Roots (Bravo, 2000), Irving Layton, A Red Carpet for the Sun (CBC, 2001), Women Warriors (CBC, Société Radio-Canada, série télévisée / site Web, 2002-04), Being Osama (CBC, 2004), Winter Wonderland: The Making of the Ice Hotel (Global, 2005), The Legend of Memphre (Space, 2005), NAZI UN JOUR... / ONCE A NAZI. (Canal D, 2006), BIFGOOT'S REFLECTION (Space, 2007) et LEAVING THE FOLD / QUITTER LE BERCAIL (Société Radio-Canada, 2008). Présentement, Evan développe les films documentaires HEAVY METAL REVISTED and UNDERDOG PLAZA.   Plus d'infos:

Malcome Clarke


Auteur / Chef monteur

Mexican-born Mariano Franco has lived in Montreal since 1996. In 2002 he earned his B.A. in film production from the Mel Hoppenheim School of Cinema at Concordia University. Since 2002 he has built up an impressive track record as editor on such films as Territoires by Mary Ellen Davis (2006), produced by Périphéria Productions, LAND OF DESTINY by Brett Story and the upcoming UNDERDOG PLAZA by Evan Belof, both produced by Bunbury films.

As a director and producer he has created the fiction shorts Entractes (2007) and Desolacion (2009).He also filmed and co-directed with Marie Belzil the documentary Tais-toi Jaloux (2006) and The Image Mill Revealed (2009), a film about the creative process leading to the monumental screening of Moulin à images (The Image Mill) by Robert Lepage and Ex Machina, produced by Les Productions du 8e art and the National Film Board of Canada.