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Underdog Plaza (2011)

Status: Available for broadcast

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"From his hardcore training and brutal fights to his turbulent relationships, Underdog Plaza captures the life of the champion boxer Dierry Jean..."

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About the Film

UNDERDOG PLAZA shows the raw side of boxing with Dierry "Dougy-Style" Jean at its center -- an orphaned Haitian immigrant with a turbulent past who uses boxing as his ticket out of poverty. The film follows the undefeated, super welterweight as he sweats and strains to fulfill his dream of becoming a world champion.

Does this scrappy underdog - pinned against the ropes of life - have the passion, the determination and the heart to make the impossible happen?

Film Details


  • DIRECTED BY:   Evan Beloff
  • PRODUCER:   Frederic Bohbot
  • WRITTEN BY:   Evan Beloff and Mariano Franco
  • EDITOR:   Mariano Franco
  • COMPOSER:   Fernando Pinzon
  • DISTRIBUTED BY:   Bunbury Films
  • Produced in association with:   OMNI Television
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Screenings & Broadcasts



  •   2011 - May 01 at 9:00PM in English on the television channel OMNI.1.  (ON, Canada)
  •   2011 - May 08 at 8:00 PM in English with Spanish subtitles on the television channel OMNI.1.  (ON, Canada)

Press Reviews

  • Filmmaker Evan Beloff on entering the world of the Montreal boxing scene for his doc Underdog Plaza... "  -  Montreal Mirror

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