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Heavy Metal Revisited (2014)

Status: In Development

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"Heavy Metal Revisited - explores how it all began and where it's going, from the offbeat vision of its creators to the timelessness of its avid cult following..."
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About the Film

The Simpsons, Futurama, Ren & Stimpy, Family Guy, The Venture Brothers and South Park all have something in common besides massive popularity. Their hybrid seeds were planted long ago by the wackiest most excessively erotic, sci-fi animation cult-classic of all time: Heavy Metal.

Back in 1981 the sci-fi, animated fantasy world was turned on its head with the release of Heavy Metal. The first adult animated feature required a thousand animators and technicians in seven countries in an era without computer editing, email, fax machines or cell phones. Historians labeled it the last film to reflect the sensibilities of the 1970s counter-culture and it is commonly acknowledged as the predecessor of fantasy gaming, graphic novel adaptations and for inspiring many of the edgy cartoons of the last three decades.

So while Heavy Metal was kicking butt and chewing bubble gum with the midnight, teenage stoner crowd all these years it has never been given its proper due. No one has ever celebrated, explored or autopsied its impact on modern cartoons or interviewed the spoil of incredible animators, writers or directors who made Heavy Metal; and no one has talked to the innovators who carried on from the horizon its warp-drive, plasma thruster petered out on. And what about the legion of crazed super fans who obsess over the film like a nerd bible? Today maverick director Robert Rodriguez is even preparing a new Heavy Metal film franchise.

HEAVY METAL REVISITED examines how the first film liberated aspiring animators from politically correct family cartooning and earned its rightful place in pop culture folklore. Using rare archives, rock and roll and candid interviews the documentary explores how it all began and where it's going, from the offbeat vision of its originators, innovators and re-creators to the timelessness of its avid cult following, this is the documentary that celebrates its revolutionary contribution to pop culture animation. This is one of the most outrageous stories of teamwork ever told…

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Film Details


  • WRITTEN & DIRECTED BY:   Evan Beloff
  • PRODUCERS:   Frederic Bohbot, Denise Dorman and Dave Dorman
  • DISTRIBUTED BY:   Bunbury Films



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