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  •    Lady in Number 6 - 2014 Oscar Winner for best documentary short subject
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The Lady in Number 6

Status: Available for broadcast

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"The Lady in Number 6 is about Alice Herz Sommer, who at 109 years of age was the world's oldest pianist and oldest holocaust survivor. Up until her death at 110, Alice never tired of saying; "Music saved my life and Music saves me still"..."
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A film by Oscar®-winning filmmaker Malcolm Clarke

Winner of an Award of Excellence in Jewish Film Category for the Accolade Competition.

Official Web Site:   The Lady In Number 6: Music Saved My Life

2014 Academey Awards Oscar Winner for Best Documentary Short Subjet

About the Film

THE LADY IN NUMBER 6 is one of the most inspirational, uplifting stories of the year. At 109 years old, Alice Herz Sommer still practiced the piano for two and a half hours each day. She remained fiercely independent and attributed her long life, less to "good genes" than to "good music". A relentlessly positive and optimistic outlook plus her deeply held belief in the essential goodness of her fellow man kept Alice Herz Sommer alive for over a century. Not only was she the oldest living person in London, England, but she was the oldest survivor of Hitler's Holocaust. It has often been said that fear and hatred eat the soul – but conversely might it also be argued that love – of life, of those around us – and in Alice's case – of music, can nourish the soul and liberate the spirit? To the end day Alice never tired of saying; "Music saved my life and Music saves me still" (Alice Herz Sommer November 26, 1903 – February 23, 2014).

More information: www.bunburyfilms/theladyinnumber6.html

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Press Reviews

  • Interview about filming the documentary "The Lady in Number 6" with Montreal Producer: Frederic Bohbot of Bunbury Films - Jan 31/14 - CityTV Breakfast Television
  • The Oscar Nominated Short Films 2014: Documentaries, Program A: Film Review - The program's most enjoyable film by far is, surprisingly, the one about the Holocaust ... - Jan 30/14 - The
  • Montreal-made, Oscar-nominated short documentary tells the touching tale of 110-year-old pianist and Holocaust survivor Alice Herz-Sommer - Jan 31/14 - Montreal Gazette
  • Montreal film on Holocaust surviving pianist garners Oscar nomination - Jan 30/14 - Jewish Tribune
  • Montreal doc crew cheering Oscar nod for 'The Lady in Number 6' - Jan 18/14 - Yahoo Canada News
  • Des documentaristes montréalais aux Oscars ... "le producteur exécutif Frederic Bohbot et le réalisateur Malcolm Clarke, deux Montréalais, ont aussi sablé le champagne pour la mention de The Lady in Number 6 - Music Saved my Life dans la catégorie Meilleur court-métrage documentaire" - Jan 18/14 - La
  • Et les finalistes sont… La filière montréalaise... Entrevu avec Frédéric Bohbot (Bunbury Films) - Jan 17/14 - Le

Film Details


  • DIRECTED BY:   Malcolm Clarke
  • PRODUCERS:   Nick Reed / Malcolm Clarke / Christopher Branch
  • EXECUTIVE PRODUCERS:   Frederic Bohbot / Larry Abramson / Philip B Goldfine / Timothy Marlowe / Augustin
  • WRITTEN BY:   Malcolm Clarke / Carl Freed
  • EDITOR:   Carl Freed
  • COMPOSER:   Luc St-Pierre
  • DISTRIBUTED BY:   Bunbury Films
  • Produced in association with:   Reed Entertainment and Media Vérité



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