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Cabane à sucre (2013)

Status: In Development

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In 1994, nine employees of the punk bar Foufounes Electric Montreal, go to a sugar shack in the countryside for a day of fun with friends. After a good meal - fun soon turns into fear - one by one they disappear...


It's the spring of 1994 and the staff from Foufounes Electriques, Montreal's infamous punk bar, is getting ready for a trip to the traditional Quebecois sugar shack. Every year these hard-partying 20-somethings invade the countryside and terrorize the locals with their sex, drugs, and a punk-rock kick in the teeth. This time it's different; after being led into the backwoods by a beautful young girl these punks are about to meet their match; a homicidal cannibal family that wants to bleed them for their secret maple syrup recipe – LA CABANE À SUCRE - it's to die for.

A bloody cross between Evil Dead and classic slashers like Friday the 13th, LA CABANE À SUCRE sees the body count soar until the gruesome finale; the anti-hero Eve faces off against the brutal and seductive Amelie. Mixing the early hardcore scene with classic slasher tradition, LA CABANE À SUCRE takes the energy of 90's punk and drives it straight into the heart of Quebec's maple countryside.

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