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The adventures of teenage boyhood innocence ends abruptly

Boost is a thrilling look at the lives of two teenage best friends from Montreal who become entangled with the mob after a car they stole is involved in a fatal accident.

Playing in theaters as of April 7th, 2017 in Montréal and in Toronto!

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Bunbury Films - Shadows of Paradise

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When a spiritual luminary dies, how do his devotees continue?

With intimate access to two of Transcendental Meditation’s leaders – iconic filmmaker David Lynch and dedicated disciple Bobby Roth – Shadows of Paradise documents the Movement’s metamorphosis following the death of its founder Maharishi Mahesh Yogi through the essayistic lens of director Sebastian Lange who is seeking personal meaning amidst TM’s transformative global growth.

Screening in March at the Bergamo Film Meeting Festival in Italy.

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Bunbury Films - Kosher Love

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What happens when a rabbinical matchmaker, a newly married Hassidic couple and a single, religious hip-hop artist explore the precise meaning of True Love?

Using levity, animation and downright silliness, Kosher Love looks at the search for true love and marriage in the Orthodox/Hasidic Jewish world as it pushes back against an ever encroaching, wired, secular world and its idea of momentary disposable love.

Kosher Love is availble to watch online on CBC First Hand

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Welcome to Bunbury Films

Documentary films produced by BUNBURY FILMS push the boundaries of social and environmental issues with a balanced yet hard nosed approach to the subject matter.
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BF Producer Resume
Vie de Chateau

Independent Film Producer/Director

Founder: Bunbury Films in 2002

Awards: Executive Producer of the 2014 Academy Award winning short documentary film "The Lady in Number 6"

Filmography: From 2006 to 2016 - Frederic Bohbot has produced, directed or wrote more then fifteen documentary films... Learn more »


Official Selection: SHADOWS OF PARADISE, will be screening in March at the 2017 Bergamo Film Meeting Festival.

TV Interview: Director Evan Beloff, and producer Frederic Bohbot discuss their new documentary KOSHER LOVE on BT Breakfast Television.

Web Broadcast: Vie de Château is now available to watch on Tou.TV.

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BF Film Spotlight
Vie de Chateau

A film by : Catherine Lemercier

A co-production : Bunbury Films and Artesian Films

Vie de château est mené par ses multiples héros du Château Frontenac – le documentaire est un voyage dans le temps et dans l’espace...

Vie de château is a multiplatform documentary project which includes a documentary film and an interactive web site.

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A film by : Jean François Gratton and Matt Zimbel

George S. Zimbel's 70 years of photography

Zimbelism is a feature documentary about the work of humanist photographer GeorgeS. Zimbel and his tales from his shoots with JFK, Marilyn Monroe, Harry Truman, the real Mad Men of Madison Avenue and his David and Goliath rights battle with his beloved New York Times.

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Bunbury Films - Underdog Rising


Bunbury Films - The Lady In Number 6

2014 Oscar Winner
Best Documenatry
Short Subject

Bunbury Films - My Brother's Vows

2014 Winner Best Documentary Award
Religion Today Film Festival

Bunbury Films - Triumph of the Wall

2012 Winner Pierre et
Yolande Perrault Prize

Les Rendez-vous du cinema Québecois

Bunbury Films - Burning Water

2011 Winner SCIC
Global Issues Award

Bunbury Films - Land of Destiny

2011 Winner
Best Documentary

Canadian Environmental
Media Awards

Bunbury Films - Underdog Plaza


Bunbury Films - Leaving The Fold

2009 Winner
Best Documentary

Religion Today Film Festival

Bunbury Films - Once a Nazi

2006 Winner J.I Segal Award
Best Film or Video
on a Jewish Theme

Bunbury Films - Bigfoot's Reflection